Join us in JUNE 2019 for the International Effective Educator Institute 

Trainings to make you a more EFFECTIVE EDUCATOR! 

Innovative Educator Trainings         Guaranteed Effectiveness           One-on-One Coaching 

Discover how our trainings have helped educators like you become more effective. 


Watch Video Testimonials from past participants.

Do you want to increase your effectiveness as an educator?


Is classroom management difficult for you?


Do you need new strategies in the classroom?

Are you struggling with student engagement?

Does lesson planning make your brain hurt?

Are you feeling burnt out as an educator?

Is it time to revamp your teaching career?

Invest in yourself             Grow your Toolset          Empower your students 

Join us for the

International Effective Educator Institute (IEEI)  

Las Vegas, Nevada June 24-26, 2019







We guarantee you will leave a more effective educator!


You will be immersed in innovative trainings designed to increase your effectiveness!


100% of educators surveyed attributed positive gains in student learning to the training they received! 

"I love it!

I am a better teacher!" 


COORDINATOR: Tiffany Warren  


Ms. Tiffany Warren is dedicated to ensuring all students have an effective educator in the classroom from day one. She has over 25 years of education and teacher mentoring and training.

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Numbers don't lie,

here are the stats on the program...

100% of Teacher Leaders think that the program has had a positive impact on the instruction in their school.

100% of Principals think the program observation process has had a positive impact on the teaching practice of their staff.

89% of Teachers think the program increased the level of collaboration between teachers within their school.

97% of Teachers think through the rubric when planning their instruction.​

92% of Teachers think that the program has had a positive impact on student learning.